Belfast Maritime Trail

Totalis Solutions were delighted to provide interpretative signage across 16 locations connected to Belfast’s rich maritime history. The timing coincides with one of Belfast’s biggest festivals: The Tall Ships 2015. Totalis again showed that they go the extra mile for their clients by completing the project within a very short timescale whilst maintaining the highest of standards.

The project which was funded by DCAL through the Ulster-Scots Academy Group. Brian McTeggart, Secretary to the Ulster-Scots Academy Group, said:

“The project is a fine example of true partnership at work, not just between the Ulster-Scots Academy Group and the Ulster-Scots Agency, but the many supporting partners who have made delivery of this project possible, especially in such a short timescale.

Pictured above from L-R: Brian McTeggart-Secretary to the Ulster-Scots Academy Group, Robert Fyfe-Totalis Commercial Director, Ian Crozier Chief Executive Ulster Scots Agency, Tom Scott- Chair Ulster Scots Agency.